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Auslogics Registry Cleaner ซ่อมแซม ทำความสะอาด เพื่อรวดเร็วและเสถียร

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Auslogics Registry Cleaner is a good choice for home users who have some familiarity with the Windows Registry. This no-nonsense application performs quickly and reliably, with good backup and restore features combined with user guidance.
Registry Cleaner looks for errors such as missing files or devices and invalid entries in categories like as Add/Remove Programs, Fonts, Shortcuts, and Virtual Devices. The application, which presents a wizard-like approach, defaults to the recommended quick registry scan option. This will scan six problem areas. Advanced users can choose from 10 additional categories, such as Classes & Active X Objects and Software. Scanning is quick–a couple of minutes for a registry of 80,000-plus keys–and fixing is even faster. You can view the details of all the proposed changes and uncheck specific ones you don’t want made.

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