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    Glamour - Version 0.4 [Dark Silver]

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 05-July-2018   
Genre: 3DCG, Corruption, Voyeurism, Lesbian, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Dark Silver,Handjob,Adult Game,Porn Game
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Dark Silver
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Language: English,Russian
Size: 451 MB     

Main character Kate lived her whole life in a small rural town with her older sister, brother, father and her strict Christian mother. But one day her family falls apart, her father leaves, and her older sister moves out to the big city.

Kate is 18, she recently graduated high school and it's time to look for a higher education. Her older sister Julia invites her to move in with her and apply to the same experimental college she's attending herself. The college is free, but it has very, em, unique take on education. Kate accepts Julia's offer and is hoping to start a better life in a new place. But maybe her life won't be as glamourous as she hopes it to be.

Glamour 0.4 Changelog

Characters page:
Characters page is now sorted.
    Also, instead of having all characters at once from the beginning, characters page only shows characters you've met.
    Changed categories in the characters page. "students" tab is now "college" tab, which has everyone from college, including staff. New "hotel" tab, which includes hotel residents and workers.

Changed Kate's make up on dialogs sprites. It's now lighter and more natural.
    Also updated 20 images with sleeping/resting Kate. She doesn't sleep in make up anymore.

Removed early dialog with Julia about massage parlor job. We decided we don't need so many massage-related jobs and locations in the game. Instead we have new series of massage and work-related events and dialogs.
    We also changed second Angela's dialog about a job. Now Angela doesn't like Kate's indecisiveness and tells her to get lost. Don't worry, if you already played through the dialog, you didn't miss anything, we basically just broke it in two. The new step of job hunt starts a couple of hours after fourth massage.

Massage parlor:
At some point (3rd college day or later, daytime) Julia will make an appointment for Kate. Kate will meet Lien, a masseuse.
    In this series of events everyone will work on making Kate more... open minded.
    After finishing massage events, Julia will tell Kate they have money problems and she should really try looking for a job. If Kate already talked to Angela about a job twice, talk to her again, which will unlock a new location:

New characters: Monica (hotel administrator) and four residents: Thomas, Sherry, Fedor and Candy.
    Kate can now work in a hotel every day (each shift takes about hour and a half, you can start at daytime, from 12 to 17).
    Right now Kate will only earn money in some events and by selling found items. She won't get paid by the hotel manager because there's no ways to spend money yet.
    Kate will meet long-time residents and learn their stories. Also, Kate will learn something very important and related to the main story.
    New find item mini-game. You can find useless trash, but you can also find expensive jewelry, which you will get paid for. Stealing is completely optional and not important to the story, you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it's a way to earn some money on the side.
    Some items—namely, wine bottles—will result in dialogs with Lien, where Kate might learn something interesting.

Game requires internet connection to the devs server.





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