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   Insexsity - Version 0.55 Maxi [Insexsity team]      

Adult Porn-Game

Updated: 02-August-2018  
Genre: Corruption, Lesbian, Oral sex, Insexsity team,Masturbation, Prostitution, Unity,Adult Game,Porn Game
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Insexsity_team
Platform: Windows 32-64 Bit, MAC,Android,Linux
Version: v0.55 maxi
Language: Multilingual ,SUOMI,ENG,FR, DE,RUS,Spanish
Size: 945  MB ( all Platforms Unpacked 5.01 GB)

A game of a girl who dreams of her own apartment.
And she's faced with different situations that change her.
You'll choose what to do and what you don't.​

New events v0.55 maxi:
What's NEW
3 new locations: : bank and basement
    + Side Street (You can go to the movies, while without the location inside
    + Car (dating
    + 15th apartment.
    New character Zoe *with new toy and squirt (for Maxi)* (she can be found after 18:00 in the gym
    Cars are on the streets now
    Notification system (only for Eva's quest and it should be checked, will be developed
    Inventory expanded, now you can wear alcohol there (and buy it) (you can drink after 7 days
    1 new background music (it was hard to find, do not hurry if you hear it
    Laptop - Added shop (hats and ero) and dating
    Added new icons
    New emotions for Lance and sounds for strangers
    New dirty on Kate's face.

New events
2 days with Lance (+ 1 day for maxi) you can meet him in the evening. Important! If you have finished the previous version (0.51), press the “Reset button for Lance” in the menu! This updates the data, otherwise the events will not happen. If you play from the beginning, then you should not worry (it's available after event with Walter in his office (Lance's offer
    Event with Zoe (+ 3 endings for maxi, double squirt, threesome
    Dating. Four types. With different endings. Matter if you are drunk or sober (+ 1 maxi, threesome
    Don't miss a dating in a café, a hotel, a dark alley and in a car
    Another short event in the evening

Upgrade and fixes
The hat and shoes can be immediately put in the hallway (fast buttons
    On the first Saturday it was possible to get to the club immediately (bug fixed
    Added short dialogues to avoid bugs
    Kate's room should loaded faster on weak devices
    On the first day fixed bugs with friezes (massage parlor) (hope so
    Small bags and animations are fixed

What's fixed from 0.51 to 0.55
after meditation - music with Mark
    clothing in many events evolved to night shirt (about 5 -6 events
    In Insexsity could play for Suzi, even if you do not know her
    Victor does not appear in the back Café
    club is available on Friday after work or if you are late to work
    Lucy appeared in the Lance office
    if covered can't exit the massage parlor, even if Ash is gone
    lose the boots in some events
    you can go out from the apartment at the winter time in any shoes



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