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    Sex-Arcade The Game (v0.1.4) [Sabugames]     

Adult PC  Game

Updated: July 2018
Genre: Managment, Porn Game, sabugames,Adult Game,Porn Game, big breasts, sex toys,Adult Game,Porn Game
Censorship: None
Developer/Publisher: Sabugames
Version: Alpha 0.1.4 - July 2018
OS: Windows
Language: English
Size: 247 MB

It's a management game; you play the role of a Hostess in managing your Booth, preparing your character with sexy toys as requested by the next client. By serving the clients your characters earn you money that you use to upgrade your Booth, buy new toys and unlock more characters. Also, you will be able to interact with the characters outside the booth, gain their trust by doing side-quests and interact with other employees, all of it packaged as glorious fully animated hentai.

ChangeLog v0.1.4:
"Hello friends, Here's the new SA: The Game build for July 2018. This month I continued working on the Bj animation, I've add more animations and also add sounds! It's the first part of the game to have any kind of sound and I must say it was a lot of fun to work on it, it was pretty difficult at the beginning as I have no experience editing and handling audio files, but after I got to know the program a bit more things started to work out. To see how the new animations, you just need to go to Powergirl's booth and click on the heart icon, left click will play the animations automatically, right click will give you some control on what animation will play and you can turn sound on/off. I have also add the option to delete your save file, as the game is still in development, the save file wont always work on all builds, so anytime you want to start the game from the beginning or just delete the save file, just go to the options screen and click "delete save file", and you will start the game from the begging. Finally, I've also manage to draw 2 of the associated patrons avatars this month, now I have only 2 more to draw next month. That's it for this update, hope you guys enjoy it! thanks for the support my friends. Cheers!"




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