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SketchUp Pro 2013 13.0 build 3689 (Cracked files)

New Features and FYI’s:

-An Extension Warehouse has been created and integrated with SketchUp. Users can now manage hundreds of extensions installed on their computer via the Extension Warehouse.
-The word “SketchUp” now refers to a product family of which there are two members: SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Make.
-Toolbars for SketchUp on Windows operating systems have been improved. They are now customizable and more reliably stay put once they have been docked.
-Scene-based animations can now be exported to high-quality video from SketchUp.
-Toolbars and cursors have been updated and made consistent between SketchUp, LayOut, Style Builder and SketchUp Viewer.
-We have a new SDK. See the “getting_started.html” and “migration_guide.html” in the SDK package for details.
-Lots of little tweaks, bugs fixes and improvements were made to existing features.
-SketchUp no longer will take a long time to open and close with an unstable Internet connection.
-(Mac) SketchUp does not support OS X 10.6 and older versions of OS X. Users with these platforms will see an error on launch.
-(Windows) XP SP3 is now required to run SketchUp on XP.



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